The Leisure Society – Fight For Everyone

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British, indie band, The Leisure Society’s, video for their single “Fight For Everyone” is a quirky, animated tale outlining the creation of the solar system and everything in it. Opening to the empty canvas that is space, a giant blue hand can be seen placing the sun at the center of the black void. Next, it cleverly crafts the rest of the planets, as well as the moon, in time with the song’s upbeat rhythm. Earth expands with lively bursts of green and blue just as the first lyrics are sung, and the hand begins to lay out the unique landscape of our planet. Trees are planted, hills are extruded from the ground, and with one fluid motion, water fills the once barren oceans. Animals are introduced soon after, as fish follow the trail that the giant hand treads through the sea, and cows are plopped on a farm in the countryside. And then, just as quickly as it created it all, as the lyrics “you must fight for everyone” are sung, the hand begins to destroy it all.

Directed by Persistent Peril:
Producer: Sam Bourner
Animation: Garth Jones, Ginny Jones, Mark Billington & Emma Wakely
Record Label: Full Time Hobby
Album: Alone Aboard The