The Koniac Net – Chasing After You

[jwplatform RANCJznK-Pqiywodl]

The Koniac Net’s music video entitled “Chasing After You” starts off with an easy listening guitar tune. The drums and bass come in and our animated story begins. We are introduced to our protagonist who looks like a giant ball of oil with skinny arms and legs. It comes crawling out of the ground and begins its journey, climbing a tower, riding a train, and fighting off a frightening spider. Both the track and lyrics are beautifully executed alongside the brilliant mind of animator Meren Imchen. Some fans have compared the video to a cartoon show called Samurai Jack, and as you keep watching it, you might just say the same thing. The music video is very well done, and putting the Koniac Net’s “Chasing After You” over it made it even better. David Abraham’s vocals will send chills down your spine, and overall, it’s a feel-good song – in an indie rock/alternative way. Expect great things to come ahead for this India-based five-piece.

Song written by the Koniac Net
Music video by Meren Imchen