The Jepettos – Goldrush

The beginning of the video for “Goldrush” by the Jepettos is absolutely adorible; a father and daughter are playing, having a shoot out with waterguns. However, it abruptly becomes dark when the atmosphere becomes much more gray, and you understand that the father is suddenly gone, and the girl is now dressed in black, and presumably her mother is leading her away from where she had been playing, possibly heading to his funeral now. Then, we go to a younger version of the girl’s mother, and the first time she met the girl’s father. It keeps cutting back and forth throughout the video, a happy memory of the little girl playing with her father, and then suddenly a gray, sad memory of her sitting alone in the backyard, crying. Eventually the girl takes a key when her mother isn’t looking and sneaks into the attic by opening the padlock on the door. It really tugs at your heartstrings, and the ending is especially interesting …

A SHORT FILM by Mike Aicken & Marty Stalker
Starring Freiah-Beth Aicken, Kevin McGlade & Ruth Aicken
Directed by Marty Stalker
Produced by Mike Aicken
Camera by Cathal Hegarty
Art Direction by Ruth Aicken
Costumes by Ruth Aicken
Make Up by Julie Gould
Post Production by Scattered Images
Production photographs by Mike Toner
Graphics by Tim Farrell
With special thanks to Neill’s Hill ( for restaurant location and Paul Stewart & Heather for props and stage design.
A Scattered Images Production
MUSIC by The Jepettos:
Ruth Aicken, Mike Aicken, Emma Flanagan, Colm Hinds & Daniel Kerr
Written by Ruth & Mike Aicken
Produced by The Jepettos
Recorded and Mixed by David C Clements
Mastered by Ryan Mitchell
Guest piano performed by Duke Special

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