The Interlopers – Hold On

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Hold On” by The Interlopers is a delightful and refreshing music video. This R&B, Pop and Rock collective definitely know how to fuse different genres, enlightening the listeners’ ears and soul. The story begins with two “old” men playing Scrabble in a retirement home. They devise a plan to escape and enjoy the time they have left outside of those walls. The troublemakers then hijack a car and drive off into one wicked adventure. From running wild in a water fountain to stealing licks from a stranger’s ice cream cone, the old men are purely kids at heart. The vocal harmonies and melodies are soulful and soothing. The story plot alongside the words of this upbeat song will surely lighten your heart. May you enjoy this wonderful tale of two friends who won’t stop living life the way it is intended to. And who knows… maybe you can add all these onto your bucket list!

The Interlopers’ first official music video for their recently released song “Hold On”.

The video follows the story of Harold and Esteban, two best friends now at the end of their lives, daring to escape the confines of assisted living to make the most of their remaining time on earth. Their friendship and brotherhood never stronger, the two actualize their wildest dreams and imaginations, embracing the simple truth that indeed, everyday is worth fighting for.

Huge thanks to our dear friend Joe Barnard of 21Summit Productions for capturing and helping to piece together every hilarious moment of this video.

An enormous thank you to our new friends and talented make up artists Rachael Hawkes and Katie Dabal. Without their help transforming our friends, none of this could have been possible.

Lastly we thank The Interlopers’ very own Ariel Shrum and Diego Huaman for their splendid performances as Harold and Esteban. Gotta hand it to ’em, not too bad for their acting debut!

On behalf of the entire band, we hope you enjoy this video and thank you all for your love and support!

Groove and Gratitude,
The Interlopers