The Dodos – Competition

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Meric Long and Logan Kroeber are behind the rock project, The Dodos. In “Competition,” they prepare for the limelight as they take over a stage and perform a fun choreography. The theatre is in complete darkness, except for the stage, where a bright spotlight shines on the duo. It is evident that Long handles the stage longer (no pun intended) than Kroeber. You will notice Kroeber’s facial expression when he shakes his way back to the spotlight (he’s secretly laughing). This groovy music video was impressively taken in one shot. Fans of the indie rock band were most likely taken by surprise by their music video. Their past videos included story lines and other various visual elements. However, “Competition” is another well thought-out video by the duo, in which both musicians are having fun and showing off their dance skills. We hear Long’s effortless vocals blend perfectly with the guitar lines and percussion. Overall, the track is a pleasant listening experience.

Choreography by Katie Gaydos