The Clox – Civilian

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When life isn’t going as expected and you’re all alone  and unhappy with yourself, one might want to resort to sorcery to change their life. The Clox show us how one might use magic to try to change their lives in this music video entitled “Civilian;” however, the video also shows how change is not always for the better. In the opening of the video we see an old man all alone in his dirty, ratty apartment, who curses angrily out of his window as a loud and expensive—presumedly—are passes by his house. He then makes a phone call and later receives a package, which appears to be a book of spells. Then the next scene, instead of him yelling at a nice care passing by, he is the one being yelled at as he rides happily down the road in a beautiful car; however, this does not last long, as he falls back into misery. Instead of relying on his own willingness and capabilities to better his life he tries to take the easier way out, which clearly does not work out in the end. This Indie Pop band was formed in 2009 and they are already a hit sensation with great music style comparable to Coldplay.