The Bright Road – Norway

“Norway” by the Bright Road is broken up into two parts. The song is about a boy and a girl being in love, but not really seeming to know what is going on with themselves or their lives – they just know that they love each other. However, they are also separate from each other; the boy is outside in a field, walking towards and eventually sitting underneath a tree, whereas the girl is in a darker place that almost looks ethereal with the sparkles falling and dancing in the background. Which matches the foreground because unlike the boy who is stationary, she dances in a slow, almost sensual way. She has a flower in her hands, which she carefully turns around and moves back and forth between them delicately, eventually dropping it. The video connects the two by allowing that flower to fall down from the branches of the tree the boy is sitting under, and he catches it. Looking up and around, there is a flash to her, and for the first time we see her feet – they look like the roots of a tree. He stares up at the tree, and lays down beneath it again, and it seems like he falls asleep and sees her, sitting under the tree with him.  Whether she is the spirit of the tree or supposed to be a ghost is hard to say, but it is a lovely video with a deep message hidden somewhere in the frames.

Directed by Élisabeth Desbiens