The 1975 – Heart Out

At first, The 1975‘s video for “Heart Out,” the eighth track on their full-length self-titled album, is extremely random and strange, but then it becomes hilarious and adorable. The setting of this video is a school talent show, and it begins with three young girls performing a hip-hip routine in leotards. They’re not very good, and the atmosphere is the room is quiet and awkward as the crowd watches with horrified faces. After their performance finishes, the host of the talent show comes to the front of the stage and announces the next act – The 1975. However, when the curtains part, it is not the real 1975 standing on stage, but children who are a spitting image of all four members. Their stage presence and performance mimics that of The 1975 perfectly, mannerisms and dancing included. The children perform like professionals, and their set ends with a burst of fireworks onstage. Overall, I was incredibly impressed by the creativity and originality of this concept and truly enjoyed the music video’s content.