Terri Clark ‘Some Songs’ Track-by-Track Review

Country music artist Terri Clark releases her tenth studio album appropriately titled Some Songs. Some Songs was released on the 2nd of September 2014 on BareTrack Records. After the success of her ninth studio album Classic, Clark took her musical direction in her own hands when she teamed up with PledgeMusic and asked fans to support the new album.

Clark, known for her hits throughout the 1990’s and 2000’s such as “Better Things To Do,” “When Boy Meets Girl,” “Poor Poor Pitiful Me,” “A Little Gasoline,” “No Fear,” “Girls Lie Too,” “Gypsy Boots,” and “Northern Girl,” does not disappoint with the new record. Clark lends more than her vocal talents on the new album, by utilizing her songwriting skills and co-writing five of the ten tracks released on Some Songs.  I had a listen to Some Songs and broke it down cut by cut.

“Here Comes Crazy” has that classic Clark sound. A strong vocal performance as well as catchy, and hooking lyrics. It is a great crank up the volume, roll down the windows, and fly down the highway belting out along with Clark.

“Some Songs” is definitely one of my favorite cuts on the album. I love the story that the song paints. The song goes on about how every single song has a place and time in everyone’s life. “Some songs need a highway / Some songs need a church / Some songs need a tear / And some just need to heal the hurt.” I found myself hitting repeat on this tune. Once again a great performance from Clark, the song has a great sound, and as the album’s leading single, it’s very radio friendly.

“Longer” is one of the albums mid-tempo songs. It’s a breezy song. Clark’s vocals sound natural and smooth. I loved the lyric “If only I had found you sooner / I could have loved you longer.”

“Don’t Start” is where the ballads kick in. A slower style song that showcases the highs and lows of Clark’s vocal abilities. Not overly produced, it has a polished, full country sound.

“I Cheated On You” was another one of my favorites. It’s an in your face, get back, get even style country tune. I connected with the lyrics. I love how the song shows that two can play at any game. I took it downtown and I cheated on you. It’s a gritty song that I kept cranking up and singing along with.

“Feelin’ Pretty Good Right Now” has that first date feeling to it. It’s romantic. A mid-tempo tune, with a good feeling attached to it. It comes off as wholesome country song.

“Just Add Water” keeps up with the pace of the rest of the album. A good party tune. I played this song over a few times to get into it. It had a Kenny Chesney style to it. A song you would crank out on the beach on a hot August night.

“Wheels Down” has lyrics with that “I’ve found my place in the world” vibe. However I still thought it was one of the better cuts on the album. It’s a great blend of elements. Clark’s vocals carry the tune out of the gate, backed with a nice blend of background vocals, and a mild tempo that you can tap your toes to.

“Bad Car” is a classic tune about that “Bad Car” you know you need to have towed to the junkyard, but you can’t seem let it go. It’s got some great story painting lyrics that I love. It’s one of the slower songs on the album, but what’s an album without some ballads?

“Better With My Boots On” is a great tune about leaving. Another one of my favorite cuts. I was rocking out to this tune, at home, in my car, and even on the treadmill at the gym. I loved the lyrics. I thought it was clever.

Some Songs is a great album. Clark delivers strong, consistent vocals that prove to only get better with every musical project she works on. I can definitely hear a lot of hard work on this album. It has a way of sounding shiny and polished without sounding like it is all manufactured and produced. Clark is currently on tour with Alan Jackson, as well as finding time to make solo concert appearances, and performances along the way. Check out Clark’s website to get your hands on a copy of Some Songs and see her out the road across North America.