Teen Heavy Metal Band Leaving Sony Music

Teen heavy metal band, Unlocking the Truth, is looking to sever ties with Sony Music Entertainment. The band is made up of three African American teenagers, guitarist-singer Malcolm Brickhouse (13 years old), drummer Jared Dawkins (12 years old), and bassist Alec Atkins (13 years old). Unlocking the Truth signed a five album deal with Sony, which was worth 1.8 million dollars. The deal included a $60,000 dollar advance, and the rest of the remaining money would be given to the band if they sell more than 250,000 copies of their first album. 

The band has not released any music as of yet, but they are currently promoting their documentary entitled Breaking a Monster. The film details how the heavy metal band went from playing on the streets of New York, to rocking on the stage at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. During the documentary, the band is shown recording a song named “Monster,” which is expected to be their first official release. 

A while ago, Unlocking the Truth did an interview with The Guardian. They spoke about a number of things, including dispelling the stereotype that heavy metal is just angry music. “Music is music and as long as you can express yourself in a way that you think is good for people to hear, then it’s something you should do,” Dawkins told The Guardian. He added, “I wish everybody could not be afraid to do the things they want to do.” The band said they started a band because it sounded like a good and positive idea. “I thought it was a good idea to start a band. Why stay home and play wrestling video games, you know, when you could just do something more positive,” Dawkins stated. 

Although the band has not released any music yet, they have been performing at music festivals this past year. Unlocking the Truth have played at the Fun Fun Fun Festival, AfroPunk Festival, and Coachella. The band has also served as opening acts for Guns N’ Roses, Queens of the Stone Age, and Motörhead. Unlocking the Truth is performing at SXSW today at the McDonald‘s stage, and they will also perform tomorrow at SXSW at the Dirty Dog. 

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