Ted Zed – Believe

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An explosion of color in the sky interrupts a close-up of a clock on a grey morning. Ted Zed’s music video for “Believe” jumps from the woods to the city, a large painted-purple emblem splashed at random across every other scene. It contains his initials, but it also functions as a mystic symbol – what follows in its wake is everything from business professionals in mute hypnotization to war-painted young folks flailing wildly in fields, tearing their shirts open. As those under the spell bob their floating heads to this melodic rock anthem or gallop in circles with their arms around each other’s necks, Ted Zed sings out the refrain: “It makes me wanna believe.” 

Zed himself is the master of the show, throwing captivating looks at the soon-to-be-hypnotized, wielding a white flag in the field, or hoisting his stereo high above the frenzy. Each interaction between him and his followers is captured with deft camera swivels. At the end, we see that the grey clock from the beginning has replaced the moon, and it all fades to darkness.

(C) 2014 Ted Zed under exclusive license to BMG Rights Managament GMBH

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