Taylor Swift Will Cover Vogue Magazine in March

Taylor Swift and her best friend, model Karlie Kloss, will share the cover of Vogue magazine in March, and Kloss spoke to Vogue about her friendship with the country music superstar. The model said she met Swift back in 2013 at a Victoria Secret Fashion Show. Kloss walked the runway, while Swift was at the show to perform with Fall Out Boy. Kloss said ever since the fashion show, she and Swift have become very close. The country singer’s walls of her penthouse in New York are covered with pictures of the best friends’ adventures over the last couple of years.

Kloss, Swift, Selena Gomez, the Haim sisters, and others have formed a group of powerful young women. “I’ve met a lot of really great girls through Taylor. She’s incredible at connecting people who might not normally meet,” Kloss said. She continued, “We’re all in different jobs, but we’ve become strong friends who are there for each other– a sisterhood of girls, a support team.” The model said despite their fame, they are just a bunch a normal women. “We’re also just normal twenty-something girls, and I think you have to have people that you can be that with. You know, real friends are hard to find, and Taylor’s a real friend. There’s nothing better,” Kloss told Vogue magazine.

Swift said she made a conscious decision to devote more time to her friendships. The country singer said she was tired of people labeling her a “serial dater,” and so she decided to just focus on her friends. “It started out as a reaction to the way people were overreacting to my life. I was really irritated by the whole serial-dater play that people tried to make about me,” Swift told Vogue. The country singer decided to just take a break from dating altogether. ” I just decided I wasn’t willing to provide them that kind of entertainment anymore. I wasn’t going to go out on dates, and I wasn’t going to sit next to somebody and flirt with them for five minutes. I just kind of took the narrative back,” Swift explained.Swift and Kloss said that no matter how hectic their careers are, they always find time for each other. The country singer said when they do spend time together, they rarely discuss work. “The fun thing about my friends is that they don’t necessarily know a lot about what I do business-wise,” Swift told Vogue. While Taylor Swift is preparing for her worldwide tour, Kloss will being traveling a lot this year as L’Oreal’s Paris spokesperson. Both women vow they will still spend a lot of time together, despite their touring and busy traveling schedules. As always, Swift and Kloss said their outings will definitely be documented on Instagram.