Taylor Swift Teases Bad Blood Music Video

Taylor Swift is set to release the fourth single from her acclaimed album 1989 with a star studded music video. The single ‘Bad Blood’ is set to feature some of the singers famous friends, Swift has been teasing fans all week via Instagram with who is going to appear in the star studded video alongside the singer.

The movie poster teasers have unveiled a number of stars and famous faces who are set to appear in the epic production. First Taylor Swift was revealed as playing ‘Catastrophe,’ following the star, was model Lily Aldridge as ‘Frostbite,’ actress Zendaya as ‘Cut-Throat,’ Paramore’s Hayley Williams as ‘The Crimson Curse,’ model and reality TV star Gigi Hadid as ‘Slay Z,’ Ellie Goulding as ‘Destructa X, and Girl’s star Lena Dunham was just announced as ‘Lucky Fiori.’

More stars have been rumored to be appearing alongside the already massive list of stars,  Selena Gomez has been rumored to be appearing as Swift’s enemy in the video. Cara Delevigne and Kendrick Lamar were also spotted on the set for the video back in April.

‘Bad Blood’ is allegedly about an ongoing feud between Swift and Katy Perry which began back when Perry attempted to sabotage Swift’s Red Tour by trying to steal Swifts dancers, and members of her production crew. Swift has since called Katy Perry her “straight up enemy” after the incident which occurred in 2013.

The movie poster teasers give off a Sin City superhero vibe, and with the superhero-esque names of the guests, it seems the video will take on some kind of super hero narrative, with Swift looking for vengence. The video was directed by Joseph Kahn who also directed the video for Taylor Swift’s hit ‘Blank Space.’ Kahn has also been at the helm of many other major music videos including, Britney Spear’s ‘Toxic,’ Katy Perry’s ‘Waking Up in Vegas,’ Eninem’s ‘Without Me,’ and Backstreet Boy’s ‘Back Streets Back.’

It seems there is plenty more for Taylor Swift to tease before the video’s release at the Billboard Music Awards on May 17. Aside from this massive video release, Swift has also been nominated in 14 categories for 1989, making her the most nominated artist on the night. Until then fans will continue to speculate on other A-list cameos and possible storylines until the video’s release on May 17.

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