Taylor Swift Talks about Romance

We all have our own idea of what the perfect partner would be like, even the talented Taylor Swift. We have certain expectations for our significant other because we imagine them to be the person we always wanted. It is unfortunate to say that these relationships do not last, but we always start anew with the same endless cycle of trying to find that perfect somebody. It is also possible that we may even remain with these people because we believe that one day they will become who we want them to be, and Taylor Swift openly admits that she too has has fallen prey to these “projections of love.”

The young, 25 year old, Taylor Swift has dated John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal as well as other handsome men. These relationships didn’t last, although they prompted some great songs. It is no secret that she turns her heartbreaks into beautiful, heartfelt songs. She has been through her share of relationships, and now reveals that her experiences and maturity has altered her concept of love. In an interview, she explains that her first albums were just projections of what she thought love was, because she had never been in a relationship before. Her projections were “based on movies and books and songs and literature that tell us that a relationship is the most magical thing that can ever happen to you.” She has grown to realize that when you meet someone who you become infatuated with, everything about them appears to be perfect, and when this turns into a real relationship–if you are fortunate–you will eventually see the person for the imperfect human that they are and will still want to be with them.

After all of her failed relationships, it is possible that Swift has finally found the one–so it is rumored. It appears that she is an exciting romance with the DJ Calvin Harris; this may very well be the fairytale romance she has been looking for or just another flop. Their romance is currently very private but is believed to become public very soon; a source informed the New York Daily News that this public outing will take place next month in Las Vegas.

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