Taylor Swift Focuses on the Music, Not the Drama

Pop superstar Taylor Swift has allegedly been embroiled in a long-term feud with fellow musician Katy Perry; however, she has revealed that you won’t hear her talking about it anytime soon. It is rumored that the battle started out over several backup dancers who were snatched from one rooster to another, and since then, both musicians have engaged in a series of open-ended comments on social media that are rumored to be directed towards one another. 

It is alleged that Taylor Swift wrote “Bad Blood,” a song on her 1989 album, about Perry, and it was rumored that Perry would diss Swift during her Super Bowl Halftime performance; however, neither claim has been substantiated. In a recent interview, Swift outright refused to comment on the feud, stating “I’m not giving them anything to write about. I’m never going to talk about her in my interview. It’s not going to happen.” Looks like the focus is purely on the music for Swift, so anyone who wants to know more will have to give “Bad Blood” a closer listen.

In an effort to keep fans focused on the music instead of the drama, Swift further revealed that she has made sure not to be photographed in any scandalous situations such as exiting a bar while drunk or wandering around with boys. Recently, the musician received attention for a comment on the mysterious existence of her bellybutton. Since making the comment, Swift has released photos posing on a yacht in a bikini, revealing that she does in fact have a bellybutton, and that it looks exactly like you would expect. She made the decision to reveal the photos after she saw papparazzi snapping pictures from a distant boat, since she didn’t want them to make money for “stalking” her and her tour mates, the girl group HAIM, while they were on a vacation.

When asked where Swift imagined herself being five years from now, the musician commented that she would probably still be single and cited her tumultuous life in the public eye as the reason. She jokingly referred to the furor by describing how she would ask a boy on a date, imagining it would go something like this: “Hi, nice to meet you, want a date? Do you love camera flashes? I hope you do!” At least she’ll be happy; the celebrity did state that she was happy with her current group of friends, stating “the thing about my girlfriends right now is that none of them needs me for anything more than friendship.”

Musically, Taylor Swift is doing quite well. Swift pick up her first ever BRIT Award last week in the International Female Solo Artist category. She opened the show with a rousing performance of 1989’s second single, “Blank Space.” Currently, the singer is promoting her album’s third single “Style,” which is rumored to comment on her failed relationship with fellow musician Harry Styles (One Direction). The track has performed well on radio, peaking at Number 8 on the Billboard charts thus far.

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