Taylor Swift: ‘Bad Blood’ Single Review

Taylor’s transition to becoming a full-time pop artist works well for her. “Bad Blood,” a single off her 1989 great storytelling and heartfelt delivery. 

Entertainingly, Taylor Swift does not fail to live up to expectations. She delivers a wide array of emotions necessary for such song to succeed. It’s a mad song, because it tells a story of rage against betrayal. At the same time, it’s a poignant song for it also tells a tale of lost friendship. More so, it’s a song about revenge. Taylor sings as if threatening someone about what she is capable of doing to people who did her wrong. And it is all over the news that the song is about her feud with “Wide Awake” pop superstar Katy Perry.

Pop music is full of controversies. Some are cheap while some are exquisite. Some create honest music to combat intrigues while some just sing nothing at all. In the case of “Bad Blood”, Taylor demonstrates how emotions from an unfortunate incident can create beautiful music. It’s a proof of how pop music can still generate masterpieces despite all the senseless gimmicks happening around. Hopefully, Taylor Swift will serve as an example for other popstar wannabes to use their music productively. It’s not only a contest of trash talking, but also a challenge of who can deliver song threats and rants better than the other. It’s not only about who can reach the top of the charts. More importantly, it should be about which song can stand the test of time and be remembered even if the controversy fades away.

Taylor Swift has the reputation of singing against people who mistreated her. She is a great storyteller, which is why her songs transcend limiting boundaries of influence. Likewise, she knows her music so well that makes her delivery more sincere and heartfelt. If “Bad Blood” is any indication of her power to sing against someone else, then who cares at all? It is such a good song that can only make us encourage Taylor to sing more against other people. If it helps her create excellent songs, then so be it.