Tattoos: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)

Our first set of things that you probably don’t know about tattoos astounded you, and now we are here to present the remaining eight interesting bits of information you might have never known about this inky art form! Find out which president got inked, how to clean a stick-and-poke, and much more when you explore the remaining top eight facts that you never knew about tattoos!

Number Eight: Teddy Got Ink. Weirdly enough, Teddy Roosevelt seemed to have a wild side. Teddy got a depiction of his family crest tattooed onto his chest.

Number Seven: And Winston. Winston Churchill also got a tattoo. His was an anchor on his forearm, so maybe he crossed the Atlantic Ocean. His mom’s was even better, though – she had a snake around her wrists.

Number Six: Just Pee On It. As we all know from frightening movies, do-it-yourself tattoos are a must in prison. Since they don’t have fancy equipment, inmates have to get creative. After getting cut open or poked with a sharp object they can find, it is actually pretty common for inmates to sterilize their creations by peeing on them.

Number Five: Tattoos are Old. Though the process has been modified with modern technology, tattoos have been observed on some of the oldest fossils of humans. Like Otzi, the man from 5,200 years ago found in a block of ice in Italy.

Number Four: People Get Crazy. Some people tend to get a little bit carried away with their tattoos. This man, for instance, goes by the name of George C. Reiger, Jr. He thought he would prove his dedication to Disney by getting over 2,200 Disney tattoos on his body. His most prized, apparently, are all 101 of the Dalmatians.

Number Three: Women Get It. Apparently, women are more tatted up than men are. After studies, statistics from the American Medical Association show that only 19% of men have ink while 23% of women do.

Number Two: Ink in the Sky. If you have ever had a dream to be tattooed while flying in a plane, Tommy Lee beat you to the punch. He set a record as the first person to ever be tattooed while in the air on his flight to Miami in 2007, proven by Guinness World Records.

Number One: They are Expensive. Apparently, Americans really like to get inked up. There is such a high demand for tattoo artists; over 15,000 currently exist in the nation and the industry is growing. The estimated amount that the nation dishes out for tattoos every year is $2.3 billion.