Tattoo Money – Mexican Coke

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A black-and-white shot of a hand, drawing in a pile of flour (or something else) on a dark countertop – that’s the setting of Tattoo Money‘s “Mexican Coke” music video in its entirety. Starting with the words “She likes,” he begins describing what sounds like a high-maintenance girl to a softly grunge-y guitar progression worthy of Nirvana. And then he draws it all, from a booty to an airplane to a ton of question marks, in the flour.

From enjoying twerking and 2 Chainz to being a weekend believer (who prays to Hova and listens to Yeezus), she sounds like a handful. Frustrated, he vents that “Everywhere I go, I’m the plus-one.” He also suggests that he “Go to Acapulco, because you drive me loco.” Yet the minor key and forward motion of the song suggest he’s not completely kidding. His almost-fond exasperation comes out in the refrain – “She wants Mexican Coke, but I don’t know where to get it.” By the end, you feel his pain.

Writtenproduced and directed by Tattoo Money