Tana Acosta (ft. Gallo Locknez) – Thinking of You

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Tana Acosta and Gallo Locknez dropped this music video to accompany their new soulful RnB track, “Thinking of You.” The song is a collaboration made possible through the online music collective, The Dead Clowns. This ever-changing internet ensemble uses online music collaboration technology to bring musicians, vocalists, composers, lyricists and audio engineers from around the world together to make music. Preferred genres include Hip Hop, Rap, Pop, Dance and RnB. They are constantly working on new projects and helping each other out. It’s an inspiring little community and probably a great platform for aspiring amateur musicians to meet some people and produce some songs. In this particular track, I was immediately struck by the grounded power of Acosta’s vocals. Appropriately, in the video she is shown in slow motion, strutting through the studio in the most powerful pair of hot pink pumps I have ever seen in my life. Halfway through the track she is joined by Gallo Locknez, who changes things up a bit and launches into an impressive rap session. He raps: “You’re trapped inside my mind…/And I like it/I see you from behind, I get excited/We getting closer, I told ya/we shouldn’t be together/But it’s like you’re ‘spose ta be under my shoulder here forever.” These lyrics don’t strike me as the most memorable by themselves, but, altogether, the song is quite nice. Bravo, Tana and Gallo!


Vocals: Tana Acosta
Rap Vocals: Gallo Locknez
Music: Brian Sanchez
Mixed by: Brian Sanchez
Video by: Craig Frequent-C Friebolin, Brian Sanchez, Gallo Locknez