Tamia: ‘Stuck With Me’ Single Review

Tamia‘s second single “Stuck With Me,” from her upcoming sixth album Love Life via Def Jam, comes amply ready for the streets on June 9, 2015. Lead single, “Sandwich And A Soda,” released ahead of its time, dropped an opportunity to immerse itself toward the richness of a summer smash. Furthermore, given the significant importance that comes with representing the album as the lead single, “SAAS,” musical stylings just begged for treatment suitable for living during summertime. Arranging this first hand, would hugely benefit and develop tremendous demand commercially across all radio formats. Moreover, if the two singles merely switch positions everything would reach even further, in the favor of chart success, and radio adds instantaneously. “Stuck With You” just cries for attention during the winter season and nothing but the warmth of love, ends the crying.

Tamia comforts even in the darkest hour: “Shed your tears” and “Don’t you ever worry” because “I will catch all your fears,” in an assured voice. Her confident stance proves, laborious to withstand, particularly behind, “I’m always by your side / Always near.”  Her masterful voice is intriguing from the very first note, hastily hooking the listener’s awareness. A Galactic hook takes the mind away: “When I’m not with you / I feel lost without you / I’m telling the truth / I’m so lost without you.” The chorus gives some pretty sound El Debarge vibes on the record making a remix for Urban Adult Contemporary, an excellent idea, for additional domination.

Atlanta producer, Polow Da Don, undresses the world pulsating the baseline with a slow grind and fills the room with an atmosphere of an erotic R&B classic, ending in drip dropping eruption, sexually. Polow is  masterfully creating real music that’s treasured, long after visiting, for instance, Ciara’s, “promise,” and presently with Tamia on “SWU.”

As a single, here is remarkable R&B music and should have been the first single because support could have come earlier. Tamia’s voice is too luscious to dissipate on contemporary music if not accurately developed. Nevertheless, the voice and production in unison with the chorus, makes this another home run for Tamia. Hopefully, this song climbs the charts.