Tamia: ‘Sandwich and a Soda’ Single Review

Tamia promises “when it’s all over,” that “I’mma fluff your pillow baby,” and bring a “Sandwich and a Soda.” “Sandwich and a Soda” is the contemporary R&B smash single from her forthcoming album, LoveLife, which is anticipated for release in June. This song is strapped in and ready to rule urban airwaves just in time for summer. It is a refreshing and delightful change in the right direction for the singer. Supporters will embrace the fresh direction, like a new pair of Air Jordans.

Tamia is urging: “be my lover” and “spend the night” in such a sultry voice. It will prove tough to resist the temptation, especially after hearing, “Let me love you / You’re looking tired of these basic levels.” Assertive in her approach, the song is above average, ensuring potential hit quality. Her stunning verse is seductive from the very first note, immediately catching the listener’s attention. On the same page, a stellar hook hits a home run: “See I’m the type of girl / That kill / To love you down / like / You could be the king and I’ll bring you your crown.”

Producing duo Pop & Oak formulate an atmosphere of luminous seduction, which is made for playful foreplay. Tamia fulfills her most sensual vocal delivery of her career in the process. Additionally, the 808′ production ideally enhances the song’s melody. A remix with Jhene Aiko would certainly be an unrivaled moment to reach. In a whole different demo, it would sustain this hit through the end of summer.

As a single, the contemporary vibe is fanning throughout the record’s sexy and alluring sound, making this an excellent first single. The song causes the mood of lust to meet, but in a spirited disguise. Tamia is clearly having delicious fun describing what she demands: “If you want to ride these curves / Hop in your Chevy Nova.” This is her best single since “Stranger In My House.” Expect much attention from this future hit single, which will soon be heard everywhere. Blame it on her new label, Def Jam, because she is packing some major heat to make this summer even hotter! In no time, this song will be her biggest hit in years.