TÁLÁ Concocts a Gem in New Single ‘Alchemy’

Today, there really aren’t any rules when it comes to making music. With more and more artists abandoning their boxes and taking a stride into the unknown by blurring the lines between genres, there’s never been a more exciting time for music.

One of those artists, is South-Londoner TÁLÁ, who’s had everyone under her spell with her eclectic and introspective slant on Electronic music. Just under six months ago, she released her debut sin “The Duchess” which evidently showcased her expertise as both a producer and vocalist.  From the very first second, you’re thrown into an energetic celebration of Middle Eastern sounds, courtesy of her Iranian background, as sweltering electronic glitches and pitched vocals give the track its vibrant aesthetic.

Many praised her bold production and experimental approach, hailing her as an exciting prospect and one to watch, but on a personal level, I never quite understood the hype and didn’t really connect to the songs. For instance, earlier tracks “On My Own in Hua Hi” and “Black Scorpio” seemed a little disjointed, with too much going on, and hence became difficult to process. So, what’s changed, and why bring light to her now you ask? It’s plain and simple, I get it now.

With her latest single “Alchemy”, by far her most accessible and best record to date, I began to really appreciate each and every intricate detail in the instrumentation. TÁLÁ has found the perfect balance on this one, it’s not too daring yet still excites you with every listen. The layers of skittering synths and electronics unfold as her hazy vocals (reminiscent of fellow songstress BANKS), invigorate a slightly dark and moody atmosphere. What’s even more impressive is the fact that everything you hear, is done by TÁLÁ herself, she writes, sings and produces all of her tracks; something I’d like to see a lot more of in the industry today.  

In “Alchemy”, TÁLÁ has exemplified and certified her immense talent; and her knack of pushing the boundaries sonically is very refreshing to hear. The single is taken from her forthcoming EP of the same name, out 17th of November via Aesop. Listen to it here.