Tahiti Boy and the Palmtree family – The Park


French, indie rock collective, Tahiti Boy and the Palmtree Family’s, video for “The Park” gives us a look into the lives of various strangers through each of their apartment windows. It opens to a view of a woman talking on the phone in a bright blue room in her home. As the lyrics “You’re life is breaking at the seams” are sung, the camera drifts to the window of a lonely looking man sitting on his couch, watching TV. In a neighboring house, a girl watches the band’s singer belt the lyrics “You will wait for me” on her television. As our perspective continues to pan around these apartment windows, fireworks can suddenly be seen in their reflections. We begin to backtrack through all of the homes we’ve visited since the video began as it shows each character pausing to take a moment to look at them, ultimately connecting all of their stories.

Extract from the Fireman EP available on Edge of Town Music
Video by Arnaud Delord and Vincent Farrané
Production: Wanda

Website: tahitiboy.com
Facebook: facebook.com/tahitiboyandthepalmtreefamily
Twitter: twitter.com/PalmtreeFamily