T.I. ft. Chris Brown: ‘Private Show’ Single Review

T.I.’s fourth single, “Private Show” is from his ninth studio album, Paperwork. The track is slow and steady, and ready for the limelight in the bedroom. It comes ready for success on urban radio, essentially for the determined, sexed-up components from Chris Brown, such as, “Let me see it take it off, take it off (let me).” Producers, Sak Pase and Ace Harris contribute a helpful alluring production, enhancing the song’s sensuous lucid appeal.

Brown glows like a star, implementing a catchy verse to aid the sexy background – specifically during his verse, “Made a reservation, you’re my favorite place to be / All day, contemplatin’ baby, waitin’ patiently / There’s nobody like your, body / when way you climb on top of me.” Vocally, Brown is in perfect harmony, which sounds right at home on the record.

It is rather refreshing for T.I. to release a jam for the women. If it had not been for the single, “About The Money,” his album, Paperwork, would be dead and gone. The Atlanta native is recently relying his success on a guest feature for each single. Nevertheless, a reliable hook thrusts the song to increased heights: “Girl take it off for me, you know just what I want / It’s always hard to leave, this private show.” Brown’s voice is smooth as butter in his direction throughout the chorus, which makes the song much more memorable. T.I contributes his best lyric in the song during the last verse when he says, “Provide you with your protein / Leave wet dreams all in your face / Them tattoos all over your waist / Got me rock solid, can’t touch that.”

As a single, the choice couldn’t have come at a better time. “G’ Shit” featuring Young Jeezy failed to explode on the radio. Moving on, Brown sounds at home on the record, and T.I. is revealing and brilliant with his wordplay, setting the mood of the song charmingly. “Private Show” is seductive with explicit details that is sure to ignite the passion against the headboard. Honestly, this record will make it easy to shed the clothing for a private show.