The Swon Brothers: ‘Pray For You’ Single Review

Sometimes, you need more than whiskey. Yes, The Swon Brothers are correct when they said that because there are times when the only thing people need is a good song to get them going. “Pray For You” is the new single by brothers Zach and Colton Swon, and it’s a culmination of their impressive country vocals matched with the harmonies that made them very popular. “Pray For You” is actually a listening pleasure, and it’s no doubt that Blake Shelton even tweeted how happy he was when, together with Miranda Lambert, the song played on the radio.

There is no denying of the immense vocal talent of The Swon Brothers. “Pray For You,” on the other hand, shows how the two voices of of Zach and Colton come together as one. The song really sounds good on record, so the next thing the world needs is a brilliant music video that can match the solid execution of the song.

It’s a country song, and it shows the sincerity of country music in the lyrics. It must have been difficult to convey such earnest lyrics, but The Swon Brothers seem not to have any difficulty at all. The manner they convey the message of the song about genuinely caring for someone hits straight through the heart. It’s the type of country song that transcends the boundaries of genre. To prove it, just sing along to the lines, “Well I’m not gonna judge you / I’m just gonna love you / Tonight I’m gonna pray for you.”

“Pray For You” positions the The Swon Brothers as one of the most important artists ever to come on The VoiceWith the amount of growth they continue to exhibit, there is no doubt that the duo can only get bigger. The relatability element in the song is enough testament to the duo’s ability to cross borders, and sing not for the show, but for music to reach a wide range of audience. For instance, don’t you find these lines relatable enough, “You had an angel in your arms, but you let her go I bet ‘ya / I tried my best to numb the earth / Sometimes you just can’t find peace on earth?”

In any case, all congratulatory messages should be given to The Swon Brothers. “Pray For You” is a solid attempt at putting the duo to higher ranks. Now, what the song needs is proper promotion so that it can start climbing the worldwide charts.