Swain Turay – Magnum Opus

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Our favorite creative young rapper, Swain Turay, just released a brand new music video called “Magnum Opus“. Let me tell you now, this guy is going places. Not only is he talented and good-looking, but his music videos have a certain personality, a unique sense of humor, that I think is really remarkable. Swain Turay’s roots start in Sierra Leone, Africa. His parents traveled to New York In 1989 With Only $20 to their name. With a little bit of faith and hard work, they managed to establish their very own Church Family Prayer House in 1998. The name ‘Swain’ means young man or admirer. In this video, the young rapper can be seen as if in technicolor. The editing has been done in a very clever way, so that planets soar past his head. I really enjoyed this part. The lyrics go: “Got all this stress / From my success / And all the people it brang / Was Trying keep it the same / With all these secrets to fame / Still had to / Do what i had to do / Stay true when I’m doing my thang / You ain’t know about this / You don’t know about that / So what the fuck you know about rap.” This young gentleman is clearly a talented wordsmith.

Written by: Swain Turay
Produced by: Filip Filip
Performed by: Swain Turay
Shot and Directed by: Swain Turay