Suns – Plight of The Hunter

The video for “Plight of the Hunter” by Sons has a, Afro-Eurasian flare to it, and yet at the same time seems very displaced because of the views of modern technologies like cell phone towers and power lines. You see what looks like a rolling, overgrown plain with tall, dying grass, and several people doing what looks like some sort of ritual dance. However, because of the phone lines and other modern implements, it almost makes this video feel dystopian, like there was all of this technology at one point and then something happened so people are reverted back to their less developed ways. The performance from the main dancer seems almost primal, especially with the way his body moves with the wind, as if he were one with nature, or trying to become one with it. Eventually the sun sets, and it looks like something on the horizon is on fire; eventually, it ends with harsh lights on the dancers in the dark before that too fades, and eventually the camera raises to the sky, and the clouds pass by, signaling what might be dawn again.

Director : Marnie Hollande
DOP : Guy Stephens
DOP Assistant : Luke Atkinson
Producer : Chantelle Lue
Colourist : Nedeem Al-Astrabadi at Happy Finish
Solo Dancer : La’Mel Clarke
Group Dancers : Russell Royer (Choreography), Daniel Mutton, Elias Schinas, Brian Gillespie
Costume Designer : Natalie Willis
Hair and Make-Up : Louise Linder
Special thanks to Matthew Elton and Russell Palmer

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