Suns – Bells

London-based electro dance duo Suns latest video for their song “Bells” takes viewers on a visual journey that is, quite literally, out of this world. Set in what looks like the far reaches of outer space, much of the video plays out like the inside of the kaleidoscopes many of us played with in our youth. Symmetrical and visually consistent throughout, the video juxtaposes the bright, neon lights outlining what appear to be space crafts with the dark backdrop of the galaxy. The outlines of moons and planets swirl together, creating the illusion of beautiful, interconnected nebulas. As the song reaches its climax, viewers are bombarded with explosions of color and light, as rocketships and planets are overlapped and layered. As the song fades out, two astronauts float into the frame, hand in hand, and peacefully drift into the sun. The giant star explodes, and everything in view goes white before the video concludes.

WeAreSuns EP out Now. Free to download…
Animation by Stuart Sinclair