Sun Glitters – Lonely Trip

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Sun GlittersLonely Trip” music video could be classified as glitterswave, chillwave, shoegaze and dreampop all in one. Entirely black and white, the video focuses itself on director Sara as opposed to Sun Glitters’ Victor Ferreira. “Lonely Trip” is the starting point for his new album, Scattered Into Light released by Mush Records. A sepia toned filter over the black and white footage creates a nostalgic dreamlike setting. Sara sits in a tiled kitchen sipping from a tiny cup in a drastic black and white striped shirt before standing on her balcony, leaning on the railing, looking out over the city. She then heads out. Bundled up in a scarf, beanie and leather jacket she rides the elevator down, leaves her building, and ends up at the beach. Shots of her closeup are layered with ones of her walking away and ones of the tide rolling up onto the beach. Aside from Sara, only one lone row boat occupy the beach.

Song by Sun Glitters (Victor Ferreira) feat. Sara
Directed by Sara
Released on Mush Records / AY Records Scattered Into Light