Summer International Playlist Featuring Booba

Are you aware of the French hip-hop artist, Booba? Does the concept of French hip-hop seem exotic to you? Well, one of the greatest things about living in the digital age is that we have immediate access to faraway places. Sitting in our cubicles 40 hours a week, all we have to do in order to jet off to a beach in Thailand, or to a private dance club in Berlin, is put on our headphones. Maybe the trip will only last as long as the playlist does. Maybe the lapse into reverie, or that rare, special feeling of being struck by a lightning bolt of inspiration, will only last a second, as you perch alone on your chair, at your gray little desk, in your gray little concrete office building. But I think that it speaks to the beauty of the information age, the fact that we can keep our music so close at hand. The internet enables us to make our music weightless, to send it streaming through the cyber currents above our heads, to other parts of the planet, and in-between our ears. In order to celebrate this high-speed network of creative types and music lovers, we have compiled this playlist of current songs from many different countries. A lot of them are working with interesting fusions of electro-reggae and laid-back hip-hop. They’re all so different, and they’re all so cool.