Suggested New Year’s Resolution for Chris Brown

In 2015, Chris Brown should stop airing out his dirty laundry on social media. He should also refrain from bullying women on social media too. Maybe taking a few seconds to stop and think before clicking the send button, will be very helpful to Chris. In November, he went on an epic rant against Tamar Braxton and Adrienne Bailon. Chris took offense to Tamar and Adrienne’s comments about his relationship with his girlfriend, Karrueche

The Real co-hosts were discussing that Karrueche possibly only puts up with Chris’ antics because she loves the fame that comes with dating Chris Brown. Chris’ verbal attack included calling Adrienne “an ole trout mouth bitch.” He also suggested Adrienne was an unsuccessful person without any talent. Chris’ rant against Tamar included him calling her ugly, “U (sic) take the role of the ugly sister. Dat (sic) plastic surgery f***ed yo (sic) face up.” 

Both women addressed the situation with class, and Tamar added a little bit of humor as well. She told Chris he was only few years older than her son, and she wasn’t going to tolerate his disrespect. Tamar’s son is 18 months old, and Chris Brown is 25 years old. Chris may not be a few years older than Tamar’s son, but who can argue that he sure was acting like a young child that day?

Chris Brown’s other social media meltdown this month was aimed at his girlfriend Karrueche. His long rant included accusing Karrueche of cheating on him with Drake, and he also questioned her loyalty to him. We all know Karrueche is very loyal to Chris, at least that’s what he’s always said about her. Who really knows what triggered his anger towards Karrueche, but he didn’t hesitate at all trying to make her look bad. In the end, Chris is the one who came off as an immature, disrespectful, and disloyal boyfriend. Airing your dirty laundry to the world is a huge mistake. Although Chris calmed down and deleted the post, the damage was already done. 

Chris and Karrueche are back together, for now, but how long will this wild relationship will last? Or better yet, how long will Karrueche be able to put up with Chris? If Chris is bold enough to publicly disrespect her on a public forum, I wonder what he says to her in private? I hope Chris will finally put an end to his social media rants. In a relationship, action before thought is the formula for destruction.