Suge Knight’s Trial Reveals Shocking News

Bullet fragments from the 1996 shooting involving Tupac Shakur and Suge Knight,  are still reportedly lodged in Knight’s skull. Back in 1996, Knight and Shakur were the victims of a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada. During the shooting, Shakur was shot several times (which ultimately caused his death), and Knight’s skull was grazed by a bullet. The fragments from the bullet that grazed Knight’s skull have never been removed, and it seems Knight is refusing to allow doctors to remove the fragments.

The mogul is currently on trial for murder, and he has been rushed to the hospital due to his medical issues. One medical issue in particular is, Knight has passed out several times in court, and the doctors believe the bullet fragments may be to blame. The doctors want to perform a MRI on Knight, but the procedure can’t be performed until the fragments are removed. According to TMZ, Knight’s attorney said the mogul is afraid he will die if the fragments are removed from his skull, and so he will not allow the doctors to perform the procedure. In March, Knight revealed to the judge that he is going blind. The mogul stated he has completely lost vision in one eye, and Knight claims he is steadily losing vision in his other eye. As of recently, Knight has appeared in court wearing glasses due to his vision issues.

Yesterday, Knight’s attorneys filed a motion to dismiss the charges against the mogul, which include murder and attempted murder charges. His attorneys believe the prosecution has failed to prove that Knight was the driver of the vehicle that struck Terry Carter and Cle Sloan. As a result of the incident, Carter lost his life, but Sloan did not suffer life-threatening injuries. Last month, Sloan took the stand to testify against Knight but he refused to identity the mogul in court. The victim said that he knows Knight, but Sloan stated the man sitting in the courtroom did not look like Suge Knight.

Even though Knight has been accused of hitting Sloan and Carter with his truck, the victim stated that he did not want to be responsible for sending Knight to prison. Sloan’s testimony proved to be damaging for the prosecution, but they still believe Knight can be convicted of murder, despite Sloan’s testimony. Knight’s attorney doesn’t believe the prosecution has a case,”there is not a single case in the entire world of California jurisprudence in which a defendant was held to answer after preliminary hearing without being first identified as the perpetrator of the crime.”

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