Suge Knight, Katt Williams Sued by Photographer

Suge Knight and Katt Williams have been served with a lawsuit by a photographer who claims she was threatened and assaulted. Female photographer Leslie Redden was taking photos of the two men last year outside the FilmOn Studios. Knight allegedly became angry after he felt Redden was taking pictures of his son; the hip hop mogul reportedly threatened her and called her a “bitch.” The lawsuit also claims Knight told Redden he was going to call another woman to the scene, and the mogul allegedly said,”[I’m going to have] a bitch come beat your motherf***ing ass.”

Knight also suggested he had a gun by raising his shirt to show his waistband. Redden stated she tried to escape when an unknown woman, possibly Katt Williams’ girlfriend, forced her to the floor. During the attack, the woman attempted to take the camera from Redden and she kept yelling at the photographer to delete the photos. Redden said she feared for her life, and she claims the assault left her with severe injuries. The photographer alleges she had severe injuries to her head, neck, back, as well as a dislocated finger.

Knight has been named in another lawsuit, which was filed this week. The widow of Terry Carter has filed a wrongful death lawsuit that named Knight, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, and Universal Studios as defendants. Knight is currently on trial for murder and attempted murder for allegedly running over Terry Carter and another man with his truck. When the incident occurred, Knight, Ice Cube, and Dr. Dre were on the set of the movie Straight Outta Compton.

According to reports, Knight visited the movie set in order to confront Dr. Dre about how he was being portrayed in the film. While on the set, Knight got into a verbal and physical altercation with Terry Carter and Cle Sloan. The mogul claimed he feared for his life, and so he got into his truck and attempted to leave the scene. A surveillance camera shows Knight (or a man resembling Knight) striking both Carter and Sloan with his vehicle. Knight then put his truck into reverse, striking the two victims again. During his second attempt to flee, Carter was run over by Knight’s truck. Carter died as a result of his injuries, but Sloan did not suffer life-threatening injuries.

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