Star Wars: 10 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)

Back for part two of what you didn’t know about Star Wars? Read more to discover who almost got the role of Mace Windu, the truth about Han Solo, and more Star Wars trivia. You have much to learn, young Padawan.

Number Five: Imaginary Troopers? The Clone Troopers were an essential aspect of this legendary saga. However, in the prequel movies, the clone troopers were never really there. Props for the clone armor were never even made; every Clone Trooper in the prequel movies was made the help of CGI magic. It is hard to believe when they looked so real!

Number Four: Tupac Windu. If you think the Star Wars series is just for nerds and geeks, this fact will prove you wrong. Everybody loves Jedi’s, especially revolutionary, best-selling rap artist Tupac Shakur. He wanted to be one so badly, he even tried out to play the part of Mace Windu in The “Phantom Menace”, before the part went to Samuel L. Jackson.

Number Three: The Best Lightsaber. Speaking of Mace Windu, word is that he was given the most reputable lightsaber on the set of any movie. Samuel L. Jackson claims that he was given a special, personalized prop lightsaber, engraved with the words “Bad Mother****er” that’s was actually used in the films he starred in.

Number Two: A Special Favor. During the filming of the “Attack of the Clones” episode of the Stars Wars prequel trilogy, it is said that the Band NSYNC made a special appearance by creating a cameo as a special favor for the daughters of George Lucas. However, the media backlash was so intense that the scene was cut from the final version of the film.

Number One: The Truth About Han Solo. While the freezing of Han Solo into a block of carbonate remains an iconic aspect of the Star Wars films, it wasn’t always a fully intentional part of the series. The reasoning for Han Solo being frozen in carbonite was actually to leave options open in case actor Harrison Ford didn’t return. Truth be told, he hated playing the character, so George Lucas created a scene so that Ford could choose if he wanted to return or not.