Suge Knight Is Back in Court for Murder Case

Suge Knight was back in court to face charges for his murder trial. Knight has been in a Los Angeles county jail since January, and prosecutors presented their evidence in the case against the rap mogul today. The judge will decide if there is enough evidence to support Knight’s charges of murder and attempted murder. The mogul hit two men with his truck, and authorities believe Knight intentionally hit both victims with his vehicle. One of the victims, Terry Carter, was killed in the incident after he was struck and run over by Knight. The other victim, Cle Sloan, was severely injured, although he didn’t suffer life-threatening injuries.

Sloan was the first witness called to the stand today, and he stated that he did not remember what happened the day he and Carter were struck by Knight’s vehicle. The victim was also overcome with emotions, and began crying on the witness stand. Sloan told the court that the only reason he was testifying is because he was subpoenaed, “I don’t want to be a snitch.” The actor also said he will not be responsible for sending Knight to prison. “I will not be used to send Suge Knight to prison,” Sloan stated. The mogul faces life in prison, if he is convicted of the murder charges.

Sloan’s behavior may have seemed unusual; considering he refused to testify against the man who could have killed him. Sloan’s testimony just adds to the already bizarre antics that have been going on during Knight’s murder trial so far. The trial has been postponed several times, due to Knight’s sudden illnesses, which include him passing out during his trial. Knight had to be removed from court three times, and he was rushed in an ambulance citing stomach and chest pains as well. The mogul even claimed he is going blind; Knight said he has completely lost sight in one eye, and he was also going blind in his other eye too. Knight told the judge that he has lost a significant amount of weight, because he wasn’t receiving adequate care in jail.

Although he didn’t roll into the courtroom today in a wheelchair, Knight appeared in court last week in a wheelchair. The mogul faces criminal charges in another trial, and he allegedly told authorities that he was paralyzed. When the judge forced the mogul to appear in court in a wheelchair, Knight was miraculously healed and told the judge he could walk just fine.

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