Subway: 17 Facts You Will Want to Know (Part 2)

You were astounded by all of the facts in our part one article of what you will want to know about Subway, and we have returned with part two to go even further in depth! These final eight facts tell you everything you really want to know about this popular sandwich chain, so listen up close!

Number Eight: Lots of Lettuce. As we mentioned previously in our part one article, lettuce is kind of a big ingredient for Subway. On a large scale, it is said that Subway goes through about 16 acres of this vegetable every day.

Number Seven: A Whole Footlong. When Subway tells you that you’re getting a foot-long sandwich for five dollars, they really do mean it. These restaurants go to extensive lengths to make sure that every sandwich handed to a customer meets the requirement of measuring an even 12 inches long.

Number Six: The Underrated Gem. Many people are unaware that Subway holds a supply of oregano over its counter. One employee, Chef Martone, claims that this ingredient is the least-used of all of Subway’s ingredient options.

Number Five: The Subway Scent. Often, Subway is favored for the smell of fresh bread wafting through the air of every restaurant. Many will swear that the scent has been piped into the air shafts, however Chef Martone assures us that it really is the smell of freshly baked bread.

Number Four: Designer Sandwiches. Believe it or not, your Subway wrappers have the potential to transform into a stylish ensemble. After dipping into the designer industry, Subway has been known to take a stroll down the runway- in style.

Number Three: The Name. Here in America, we perceive the name “Subway” to be a fast food restaurant having something to do with the way of subs. However, it can be translated in Mandarin Chinese to mean “better taste than others”.

Number Two: All of the Restaurants. It takes a lot of work from many locations to serve 5,300 sandwiches a minute. In fact, it takes about all 40,000 restaurants spread across 102 countries to do so. Doesn’t seem so difficult now, huh?

Number One: Where is the Kale? Despite the reputation of the superfood that is “like, all the rage” right now, Subway claims that they will not be adding this ingredient to their list of options. Why? Because the baby spinach they currently offer has all of the same health benefits.