Sea Creatures: 34 Rare Species You Have Never Seen (Part 2)

We absolutely astounded you with our first selection of eight rare sea creatures in part one, and you have come back seeking more mind-blowing discoveries! We have finally returned with part two, bringing you eight more incredible species that you never knew existed! Don’t forget to check back for our coming articles, parts three and four, to see the remaining 18 rare sea creatures that you have never seen before!

Number Twenty-Six: The Chimaera

The chimaera is an incredibly unique and astounding creature. It kind of looks like something that popped out of Jurassic Park, and for good reason. The chimaera, also called the ghost shark or spookfish, is said to have evolved from a species of shark over 400 million years ago- making it the oldest documented fish known to man.

Number Twenty-Five: One of the Scariest Sea Creatures – Viperfish

The viperfish is known for its reputation as an intense predator in the world of marine life. It is primarily characterized by its fierce attitude, attack strategies, and ability to paralyze their prey with their unique and menacing fangs.

Number Twenty-Four: The Australian Ghost Shark

This special species of shark is most often observed in the waters near Australia and New Zealand. Its form is vastly unique, having a sort of plow-like appendage projecting from its face. It is also known as an elephant fish, whitefish, or plownose chimaera.

Number Twenty-Three: A Basket Star

A basket star is a species of starfish that produces a series of branch-like projections. In the wild, they can live an astonishing 35 years. They most often swim in deep waters and are rather fragile.

Number Twenty-Two: A Vampire Squid

The vampire squid is unique from other species primarily for its ability to thrive in the most hostile depths of the ocean, deemed the oxygen minimum zone. Not many sea creatures can live in this habitat, but this unique squid is able to breathe comfortably at this level. In addition, this species does not produce ink, but instead creates a sort of mucus from its tentacles that glows for roughly 10 minutes.

Number Twenty-One: The Whale Shark

The whale shark has received a lot of attention in recent years for its unique dietary habits. Despite the name, this creature is actually categorized as a fish. He eats his meals by opening his vast, gaping mouth near schools of small fish and simply swallows them up.

Number Twenty: The Goblin Shark

This odd species has been documented for roughly 125 million years. However, little is known about these nightmarish sharks because they are possibly the rarest of their kind and baffle even researchers.

Number Nineteen: Torquaratorid Hemichordate

This odd creature is a species of acorn worm that inhabits the deepest parts of the ocean. In appearance, it almost appears to be almost jellyfish-like with a long tail. Unlike most acorn worms, which like to stay close to the sea floor, the torquaratorid is known for allowing itself to drift freely to new hunting grounds. Don’t forget to check back for our coming articles, parts three and four, to see the remaining 18 rare sea creatures that you have never seen before!