The Subs – Cling To Love

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Hailing from Belgium comes the Electronic music combo The Subs and their music video for “Cling To Love.” The two characters portrayed in the video join in on a series of random activities. They climb walls, run around blindfolded, ride shopping carts, smash a variety of objects, eat doughnuts, and many more. Each cut is entirely unique, and the colors overall pop out. Every scene expresses a strange love that these two have for one another. In one specific scene, they find a mysterious pink liquid bubbling from the ground. As they are unbuttoning their shirts, they refresh themselves with the liquid, and soon are confronted by three unknown figures dressed in colorful cloaks. The video itself is entertainingly bizarre, yet it completely goes along with the electronic track. “Cling To Love” is about the oddity of couples, which tie them even closer together. Some people like weird, thus FDRMX would like to present you with this quirky video about love.

Director – Jimmy Marble
Music by The Subs – Jeroen De Pessemier and Wiebe Loccufier