Subject Lost – Roads

At first it seems like there is something cute and playful about Subject Lost’s “Roads”, and the fun, inquisitive nature of the video matches that tone well. The video is animated, and it starts off with some kind of white cube sitting in blank space. Eventually, some sort of little probe or rover comes onto it, and you have the distinct impression you are on Mars or some other planet out in space, possibly because of the orange color scheme. The cube is then picked up and set down on a green backdrop, and after a few thick grey lines are added, things start moving and you realize that the cube is a house, the green backdrop is a lawn, and the grey lines are roads that cars start traveling on. It all seems very futuristic – you see flying vehicles, everything is very white and streamlined, and interestingly, the video keeps breaking up, almost like a bad signal for live video feed or something. After a while, everything is blown away and possibly destroyed except for the original cube. The white of the cube begins to age, as if it has been forgotten, blending in more with the original orange landscape that is back now; by the end, it seems like it has been put in a museum or something with a fence around it.  So in the end, it is an interesting commentary for what started out as a cartoony, animated video.

Music, design and animation: Petr Adamec
Mastering: Krmelec Studio

Taken from ‘Made of Numbers‘ album, recorded by Czech based producer Subject Lost. Out now on Exitab.