Strange Friendship Between Wild Wolf And Labrador Changes People’s Lives

Even though wolves might be beautiful creatures that resemble dogs, people need to be careful whenever they get close to them. Wolves are intelligent predators who hunt in packs and they are not known for being too friendly around humans.

However, Alaskan wildlife photographer Nick Jans decided to take a risk and got closer to a black wolf to take some pictures. The photographer had no idea that the wolf he was taking pictures of would end up changing his life!

20. The Black Wolf

Nick Jans is an Alaskan photographer who specializes in taking photos of wild animals, but he surely wasn’t prepared for what happened when his dog Dakotah rushed to a wolf.

19. Curious Dog

Just like any other dog, Dakotah is super curious and she wanted to meet the strange black wolf. Nick Jans got scared as soon as the dog started running towards the wolf, but what happened next left him in awe!

18. Fierce Predator

Being a specialist in wildlife, Nick knew that the wolf is probably going to attack his dog. He didn’t know how to stop his dog from running towards the wolf and he started yelling at Dakotah to come back. You won’t believe what happened when Dakotah got close to the wild animal.

17. Friendly Wolf

To Nick’s surprise, the wolf was friendly! Instead of attacking Dakotah, the two canines started playing around in the snow. Nick couldn’t believe what he was seeing and started taking photos. And that’s not all!

16. Incredible Moment

After seeing this incredible moment, Nick Jans knew that this was no ordinary wolf. To make things even better, the animal kept coming back to the Mendenhall Glacier Park where Nick first found him and you won’t believe why!

15. Looking For Friends

The friendly wolf enjoyed meeting Dakotah and he wanted to get to know other dogs too! Isn’t this amazing? The black wolf was simply looking for some friends. Can you guess what happened next?

14. Romeo

The wolf quickly became a celebrity among the Alaskan community and he was named Romeo. How do you think the community first reacted to seeing the big black wolf next to their kids?

13. People Were Scared At First

Everyone in the community was scared to see the wolf around their children and dogs. But who could blame them? Everyone would get a little bit worried if they saw their dog playing in the snow with a wolf.

12. New Friends

Luckily, it didn’t take long for Romeo to become good friends with all the other dogs who visited the park. Seeing Romeo playing around with the other pets was truly a sight to behold and people all over Alaska came to visit him. The next photo is amazing!

11. Gentle Wolf

Instead of being aggressive and wanting to fight with the dogs like one would expect a wolf to do, Romeo proved to have a gentle heart. The only thing that Romeo wanted was to make friends and to have fun with them! After a while, he got even more comfortable…

10. Getting Comfortable

It didn’t take long for Romeo to get comfortable around humans, especially since most of them were giving him food! The most adorable thing happened after Romeo became good friends with the dogs!

9. Showing Off His Toys

Romeo started bringing toys that he found and stashed in the past. He wanted his other friends to play with them! Isn’t this adorable? Let’s see what Nick Jans had to say about this.

8. Cool Toys

“One was a Styrofoam float. Romeo would pick it up and bring it to my friend Harry to throw.”, said Nick Jans. From the looks of it, Romeo was acting just like all his other dog friends did.

7. Romeo Acts Like A Dog

“He clearly understood the same sort of behaviors that we see in dogs”, said Nick Jans. This shows us how intelligent wolves can be and also how much Romeo wanted to be like his dog friends.

5. Getting Along

The Alaskan community was happy to see how well Romeo was getting along with the other dogs. This type of friendship between wild animals and dogs is rare. This is why the community used Romeo as their symbol.

4. The Community’s Symbol

Romeo was always around the park and people loved him. This is why he was the perfect choice when it came to choosing a symbol for the community. How much time do you think Romeo spent around the park?

3. Six Long Years

Romeo stayed around the park for six years. Sadly, something tragic happened and Romeo was no longer around. Keep reading to see what happened. It’s heartbreaking…

2. Hunters

Unfortunately, Romeo was shot down by hunters. This broke the hearts of everyone from the community and they held a memorial for him.

1. Romeo’s Memorial

The Alaskan community wanted to pay their respects to Romeo and they held a memorial for him. Not only that, but Nick Jans who first met the wolf wrote a book about him named “A Wolf Called Romeo”. The book talks about Romeo’s adventures and how he changed everyone’s perspective about wolves.