Starling Glow: ‘Starling Glow’ Track-By-Track EP Review

Armed with lead singer Liz Anne Hill’s soaring vocals, her evocative and personal lyrics, and an undeniably talented band, Starling Glow exploded onto the scene last year with their debut single, “We Are Infinite,” an energized dance track about making the most of a night.  As the song picked up, dance expert David Aude hopped on for a sparking remix. Coupled with a vibrant music video, the single picked up speed and Starling Glow effectively launched their promising career without a hitch. After more than a year of hard work, Starling Glow is gearing up to release their debut EP, a self-titled collection of four tracks that is set to further the band along the path to excellence.

Starling Glow kicks off with the band’s second single, “Ignite,” which lead singer Liz Anne Hill has publicly dedicated to anyone who has ever felt like an underdog. The track features a powerful message as Hill’s vocals defiantly rise over a rocking instrumental production. “Ignite” resonates with power with its fervid guitar and drum line, a fact that is only strengthened by an undeniable vocal performance. Liz’s lyrics bring an additional sense of perseverance to the track as she compares herself to a phoenix rising from the ashes better than ever before. The track is hugely relatable, and its uplifting message is a wonderful way to kick off the EP.

Rooted in electronic dance pop, “We Are Infinite” shines even more brightly when placed after the rock-based “Ignite.” The track is filled with a youthful sense of immortality as Hill’s voice soars above the ethereally twinkling production. Hill’s vocals are sweetly insistent as she encourages listeners to live their life to the fullest and make the most of a night of adventures. The production stands out from the rest of the album, which tends to fall more in the realm of pop rock; however, “We Are Infinite” brings a lighter sound to the mix and displays Starling Glow’s versatility as a band.

Broken Record” signifies a return to a rock-based sound Starling Glow usually produces, though this time around, Liz Anne Hill isn’t taking any prisoners on the merciless breakup track. The song is a furious kiss off to a cheating lover, rife with strong instrumental riffs and an undeniably pissed vocal performance from Liz Anne Hill. Hill calls her lover out for his cheating ways on the verses before wishing that he feels the pain of his lies in his future.  The song’s bridge is a particularly addictive earworm as Hill’s voice is joined by a group of backing vocalists who echo along underneath her and agree that it is indeed time to break the relationship up. The hook leads to a soaring climax before coming to a resolution in which Hill walks away from the relationship with her pride, leaving the cheating ex smoldering in his own mistakes.

Starling Glow is gearing up to release “Caution Tape” as their third official single, and they definitively have yet another hit on their hands. The track is truly a standout on the EP, and the gloriously anthemic production is lush with warmth and hope as Hill sings about a lover with conviction and appreciation. “Caution Tape” is an unconventional love song about a lover who is there for you through your best and your worst. Even when you feel unlovable and hide behind a façade of indifference, they reach through your defenses and warm your heart with their generosity. With Hill’s vulnerable vocal performance, her relatable lyricism, and the song’s summery production, the track is one of Starling Glow’s most endearing performances to date.

Starling Glow is a phenomenal first effort from the band. The album feels cohesive without falling into the trap of being reiterative. Each song resonates with a unique emotional climate that is perfectly reflected in all elements of the track’s production. Liz Anne Hill’s songwriting truly sets the band apart from Starling Glow’s competition. Her ability to weave stories into a song comes off as effortless but is entirely compelling. With the addition of her powerful voice, which seems to know no bounds, and her incredibly talented band, Starling Glow is more than capable of growing to even greater heights with this release. Starling Glow is set for release March 24, 2015. Until then, the album can be streamed in full on Purevolume. For more information on Starling Glow, head over to the band’s official website.