Stan Lee Cole – Separated

Pianist Stan Lee Cole’s video for “Separated” is a dramatic work of animation dealing with one lonely man’s solitude. He wakes in his apartment before the sun rises, experiencing misfortune from the moment he starts his day. He seems to find trouble completing the simplest of tasks, from brushing his teeth to making breakfast. We’re cut to a scene of him walking slowly through a grim adaptation of New York City as the snow falls on him. The video reaches its climax once the man meets a woman at the park. The two of them, who were originally depicted as being cut in half, are completed by one another. We’re walked through charming scenes of their life unfolding together; they go to dinner, get married, raise their children, and grow old. At the videos conclusion, his partner is seen by the man’s side as he lays on his deathbed. Once he dies, the other half of the woman once again disappears, and they are truly “separated.”

Video by Mark Borgions.
Winner “Best 2D Film” Animayo 2013
Winner “Critics Choice Award” Blue Plum Animation Festival 2013
Winner “Audience Award” Anima Multi 2013
Winner “Best Music Video” Portland Film Festival 2013
Winner “Best Music Video” Glovebox Film Festival 2013
Winner “Best Music Video” Philadelphia Film and Animation Festival 2013
Official Selection Animation Block Party 2013 ; Official Selection SoDak Animation Festival 2013 ; Official Selection Roseville Animation Festival 2013; Official Selection Klik! Amsterdam Animation Festival 2013…