Stag – Don’t Lead With Your Heart

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It is post Valentine’s Day in this ironically heart-warming music video by Stag. The Seattle-based band presents us with “Don’t Lead With Your Heart.” The music video is a story about our Valentine hero who happens to also be the most vulnerable organ of the human body. Our protagonist wakes up miserably after his busiest day of the year. After retrieving his unemployment papers, he heads to the tavern to meet up with his other holiday buddies. We are introduced to the Easter bunny and Santa Clause drinking their fruity drinks. And shots after shots, you don’t want to miss out on what happens next. “Don’t Lead With Your Heart” is a beautiful power pop and indie track with easy strumming on the strings, head-bopping drum beats and a fun-filled guitar solo. The lyrics are definitely worth listening to as it’s definitely a lesson to be learned. Don’t drive yourself mad this Valentine’s Day. Sit back and enjoy the video.

Music by Stag
Song Written by Ben London (Stag)

Music Recorded by Jack Endino

Video Written by Ben London
Directed by Christopher Word & Ben London
Produced by Christopher Word, Nicholas Junke, & Ben London
Edited by Christopher Word & Nicholas Junke
Starring – John Roderick as “The Heart”, Kurt Bloch as “Santa”, and Rob Widmer as “The Bunny”