Sony Unveils Incredible Cassette Tape

Photo Courtesy of The Hauntological Society

Believe it or not, the Cassette Tape may be the way of the future for music storage.

Today at the 2014 International Magnetics Conference, the technology powerhouse Sony announced a huge push in development for the most unlikely of products. Development is completed for a new type of cassette tape that will be able to store 148 gigabits per square inch about 74 times that of a standard tape. Top put it in modern terms, one square inch of tape could hold the data of three Blu Rays, meaning one mini tape could store a grand total of 3,700 Blu Rays’ worth of storage.

While cassette tapes fell into disuse well before the growth of flash-drives and cloud storage, this huge leap forward may bring it to the forefront for use in mass data storage. While Sony is enthusiastic to bring its product to the public, no word is given yet as to when to expect such a product on the market.

While technological implications are at the forefront for those attending the magnetic conference, one has to wonder the appeal such a growth in efficiency will have for the many lovers of passé technology. Nostalgia has always been a profitable cash-cow for companies and a bon in cassette tapes may shake things up for retro marketers.