Sonia Leigh: ‘When We Are Alone’ Single Review

Nashville has historically been a hub of country music, and the city is constantly producing talented new artists who go on to share their music with the world. One of those new artists is Sonia Leigh, a talented singer songwriter who has been hitting the scene hard since her debut single hit the ground in 2011. The artist has co-written for a collection of acts including Zac Brown Band, but she has held on to a few tracks for herself, amongst those is her newest gem and current single “When We Are Alone.”

Leigh’s debut single, “Put It In Your Pocket,” leaned more towards a straightforward country sound, but since then the musician has developed a more eclectic, genre-hopping style that makes her all the more alluring. This new aesthetic is displayed on “When We Are Alone,” a striding song dedicated to a lover who is struggling to balance his public face with his personal relationship with the musician. Set to a driving instrumental lush with a variety of strings, Sonia Leigh makes a emotional plea to her lover, who has left her waiting for him to return her emotions.

In “When We Are Alone,” Sonia Leigh finds herself ready to hit the scene on a Friday night, except for one small issue. She’s all decked out and has her friends in tow, but she finds herself embroiled in a lover’s quarrel with her flighty lover. The song is based around the chorus, during which Leigh asks for her partner to offer her the respect and attention that he has for her when they are on their own. The song details their relationship about the distance that exists between them as she hits the town without her boy’s embrace.

Leigh’s voice is filled with emotion, and she displays the complexity of such a relationship. She sings with clear affection for her lover, explaining that she misses him and his gentle nature. Even though she misses him, there is a certain amount of aggravation that has slipped into her tone. She can’t understand his inability to love her in private and ignore her in public. The dichotomy fits in nicely over the lush production that blends a variety of genres and creates a full sound. The song is a little bit country balladry, a little bit demanding rock, a little pristine pop, and entirely listenable and enjoyable.

“When We Are Alone” is an excellent offering from Leigh. The single effortlessly transcends stereotypical genre limitations, and is all the more relatable as a result. The lyrics are heartfelt and honest, and Sonia Leigh’s vocals are undeniably evocative. This is a wonderful offering from a developing talent, and it is a sign of positive things to come in the future