Soft Powers – Mary Never Sings Our Songs

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The video for “Mary Never Sings Our Songs” by Soft Powers is filled with soft blue tones and subtle facial expressions. The result is a character study that grips you in its haziness. The shaky film follows a group of diverse individuals at a support group or meeting of some sort. Initially, every person seated in the circle seems anxious in some way. Hands fidget, beads of sweat accumulate on brows, and uncertain glances abound. Soon, their focus shifts to several cartons of eggs. They all stand up in turn and begin taking them, some hoarding them up in the corner, some giving them away with faint smiles. An angry exchange between two men breaks the tension, and they are separated so as to avoid a fight. The group then passes several of the eggs to a girl who has none. She opens her hands and lets them drop, but they don’t fall. The eggs begin to soar and float around the room, amidst everyone’s awestruck expressions.

Director – Emmanuel Adjei
Producer – Max de Wolf
Director of Photography – Paul Ozgur
VFX – Tom Geraedts
Focus Puller – Sam du Pon
Camera Ass. – Douwe Hennink
Stylist – Suzanne van Heerde
MUA – Neko Vleer
Art Direction – Ezra Ghilane, Clara Bragdon, Liz Kooij
Set Photography – Rein Schoondorp
Actors – Pien Ankerman, Wilma Bakker, Anna Dijkman, Claudio Rietveld, Jan Jasper van Oord, Turan Furat
Special thanks to NON Records, Oi Mundo Casting, Cake Film &Photography, The Compound, Marleen Ozgur & Mila Pafort
A group of individuals gather within an empty space to deal with their common issue; ‘learning to let go’. By doing a psychological exercise with eggs, they help each other try to face and overcome their personal fears, simply to find that the weight of their worries is merely an illusion.