Social Media: 5 Companies You Should Be Following

Social media is a huge place for businesses to grow, and all large or small companies should have accounts interacting with their given audience. Consumers thrive off of social media, so when they see a brand using witty marketing, it will appeal to them! However, there are some brands totally killing the game of social media, whether it be witty or downright hilarious. Here are five companies you should check out right now.

Number Five: Staples. Staples’ Twitter account and their tweets are relatable on a spiritual level for people who work in an office setting. With it being so relatable to people who do work in that setting, the company has been able to easily connect with viewers and have a huge social following. Not only does Staples have office drone tweets, but they also connect with their followers by responding to customers’ tweets about their stores.

Number Four: Charmin. Cha-Cha-Cha CHARMIN! Everyone loves those cuddly bears from the commercials, but recently Charmin has released some hilariously quirky Tweets as well. One such example reads, “Looks like it’s going to be a ginormous latte w/4 extra espresso shots kind of day. (we’re bringing the Charmin with us for the aftermath.).”

Number Three: Old Spice. Old Spice takes the cake of sass on social media. Although I am an 18-year-old female, I still ADORE this brand. That’s the beauty of good marketing, when you have no reason to buy the brand’s products, but you’re still a loyal follower on all of their social media accounts. By targeting their buyers with Tweets such as “Winning isn’t everything, said the sad, girlfriendless sports loser as he shuffled off the field and smelled bad,” it just gives its humor-inclined market all the more reason to go and buy their products!

Number Two: Taco Bell. Taco Bell’s 1.4 million Twitter followers have learned to love their social media account. With the franchise targeting consumers ages 18-35, they clearly have picked up the right way to do this! Their demographics prove that they are the coolest cats (or should I say tacos) on Twitter. One third of Taco Bell’s tweets have pictures of their delicious food in high-definition specs, and with numerous pop culture references, such as the infamous Mean Girls backing them up, they are sure to be on top for a very long time.

Number One: Denny’s. Denny’s uses Tumblr as their official blog, but it’s clearly not like an average blog. Denny’s’ blog is a jumble of terrible puns, crazy memes, and all of the GIFs. Denny’s clearly knows what type of random people actually use that interface, and it has created a following of nearly 200k consumers. It also answers all of the customers’ random questions, even “Do Denny’s Got Da Booty?,” with a response of “We are a diner.” This is what seriously puts them on top of their social media game.