Snoop Dogg ft. Stevie Wonder: ‘California Roll’ Single Review

Snoop Dogg invites living legend singer-songwriter Stevie Wonder to California and shows him how it rolls on the west coast inside the almost spotless record, “California Roll.” Of course, each artist supplies something substantial to represent the west coast for 2015 now like 2pac’s well-known song, “California Love,” released almost twenty years ago December in 1995. The charming third single gets lifted from his thirteenth album, ‘Bush.’ “California Roll” is co-written by Snoop Dogg beside James Fauntleroy, whose other celebrated credit include the Grammy-winning, “Pusher Love Girl,” from Justin Timberlake’s third album, ‘The 20/20 Experience.’ Production duties belong of course to Pharrell Williams, who is also accountable for producing all the songs on Dogg’s psychedelic funky album,‘Bush.’ 

This song halts time just like an LA traffic standstill with its cooling musical structure sure to connect with younger fans and seasoned fans because of the addition of; Williams and Wonder. An excellently produced, and vocally arranged track with a unique pairing of three diverse artists united for an essential purpose to formulate a song that creates some unforgettable musical elements aimed for commercial relevancy. It is such a remarkable chorus a listener may buy the next flight to LA where, “You could be a movie star / Get yourself a medical card / cause that’s how California rolls.”

Snoop Dogg strives the attention of one person: “Well girl I like the way you roll / Even though you from the ghetto you belong in a home in the mountains.” Although he is singing using auto-tune rather than rapping, his charm and personality prove difficult to combat, here. His verses elevate the song’s attractiveness because his courtship centered lyrics, focused on wooing this woman into the thrill and excitement of the big city.

Producer, Pharrell Williams, composes musical arrangement sweating with artistic integrity, worthy of Grammy awards. However, Williams’s shortage of a singing voice in the chorus hinders the useful value of Wonder’s dignified voice. Nevertheless, his ad-libs, and background vocals showcase his most distinguished styles. Additionally, the harmonica played by Wonder transcends Williams insufficient vocal commitment in the chorus.

As a single, Snoop is a constant drive in part due this song’s harmonizing laid back feeling. Pharrell leads contemporary with the hook, and underused Stevie Wonder makes the song, borderline classic. This song produces comforting thoughts of; blowing smoke while sipping Hennessy just watching the sunset in Venice Beach, as Snoop’s best work in years, embodies in the background as the sublime soundtrack. The trio’s energy facilitates a phenomenal session because, of its warm, nostalgic vibe. It is the retro and harmonious influence that makes this an excellent choice for a summer-time. The song modifies any mood instantly due to the atmosphere presently lifting in the soul, as the buzz rapidly spreads. If Stevie Wonder is dwelling on the record, his vocals without a question needed center stage during the chorus. Also, Snoop approaches this song with an edited reality show vocal when a flowing rap verse would more efficiently please his Hip-Hop fans. Hopefully, this song is going to lift Bush to where it rightfully deserves to plant itself for utmost promotion and massive airplay.