Snapchat: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)

We filled you in on all the tips, tricks, and tools of the trade in our part one article of 15 things you didn’t know about Snapchat, and now it is time to top off our list! None of us can help but to be in love with this addicting app, so it’s time to learn how to get the most out of it. We are finally here to present part three of what even Ghostface Chillah won’t leak about Snapchat: the eight most surprising facts on our list!

Number Eight: Secret Writing. When it comes to using the paint tool to draw on snaps, most users believe they are limited to the rainbow colors displayed in the right-hand bar. Although, there is a way to use black and white writing as well. For white, hold down your finger and swipe to the left. You can also use this to mix white with any of the colors! For black, hold down your finger again, and just swipe down.

Number Seven: The Value. The idea for the app isn’t entirely credited to the co-founders. The two developers received the concept from a Frank Reginald Brown, who had encountered severe consequences from his photo-sending habits. He came to the founders with a “million-dollar idea”, but didn’t realize this idea would soon retain a value of over $800 million.

Number Six: The Audience. It probably isn’t surprising that the main fan base of this media sharing app is young people; mostly teenagers and college-age people. In fact, only about 29% of all users are over 25 years of age. However, they a have another fan base as well.

Number Five: For the Tikes. Believe it or not, the objective audience for the app is reaching a younger and younger age. To appeal to the kiddies, they developed a similar app called Snapkidz, designed for users under 13 years old. With this platform, pictures can be edited and with the Snapchat tools and save, but cannot be sent or received.

Number Four: The Lawsuit. Oddly enough, the company is being sued by one of its “founders”. Remember that friend who approached Spiegel and Murphy with the million-dollar idea, Brown? Well, in 2013 he sued his friends for some ownership rights. They are still working it out.

Number Three: The Volume. World-wide, Snapchat has an impressive user base standing over 200 million people strong. Considering all of these daily active users, it makes sense that over 400 million snaps are sent every single day.

Number Two: Crazy About Swift. As odd as it may seem, the app might have some connections with Taylor Swift. It was reported in 2014 that Evan Spiegel and the young pop star had quite the little love interest.

Number One: Not Selling. In 2013, Mark Zuckerberg, in charge of Facebook, approached the co-founders in an effort to acquire Snapchat for a large sum of $1 billion. However, Spiegel declined. Zuckerberg returned a year later with $3 billion, and Spiegel still turned him down. We really hope you enjoyed learning all the facts that even Ghostface Chillah won’t tell you!