Smelling Plastic Flowers May Cause Hallucinations


Plastic Flowers


DJs Pheoni


Yu-Huan Lee


Describing what happens in the video is a lot like describing eight hundred punds of jello oozing over the Brooklyn Bridge: explaining it is possible but can’t come close to doing justice to the event.  It starts with the entire universe (big place to start) and then transitions to a man in a hospital bed for a few seconds before again tensioning to a DJ on a roof.  As the beat plays from the speakers, computerized lifeforms swarm over the DJ, who takes hovering creatures with far more courage than anyone else I know.  Many tadpole like organisms begin dancing around to the music before the DJ appears to blow up in a puff of smoke.  And that’s just the first part!  From a video standpoint the creatures captivated me with their originality.  There are many hollywood films that couldn’t come close to this independent video in terms of feature design.